Finding a trustworthy provider, and certainty when it comes to fees, can be tricky.

Just like businesses with decades of trading experience gain the trust of shoppers, crypto brands that have been around since the early days of Bitcoin achieve credibility — establishing a track record for delivering dependable service.

Increasing numbers of large companies are now accepting digital assets as a payment method, meaning cryptocurrencies are increasingly entering our daily lives. But for mass adoption to be achieved, newcomers deserve to use platforms that offer full transparency when it comes to trading fees… as well as reactive customer service if they need assistance. The best brands now deliver live chat functionality, meaning users can speak to a real person if they have questions or need some troubleshooting tips.

Fast-moving markets also mean that the value of cryptocurrencies can fluctuate sharply… and with barely any notice at all. This can result in slippage, where the amount of Cryptocurrency B you get in exchange for Cryptocurrency A declines in the time it takes for a transaction to be finalized.

Providers such as Changelly counter this by delivering a fixed swap rate that means you’ll know how much crypto you’re going to receive in advance — in exchange for a higher transaction fee. Alternatively, you can bring costs down by using a floating rate and swapping your digital assets at the current market price. Changelly’s intuitive service is now available through Ledger, delivering an easy and secure way of swapping crypto.